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College Hoops Off The Radar Early Afternoon Action

Grab 3 games for 1 low price. We've got YOU covered for a BIG East, SEC, and BIG 10 Saturday Showdown. Don't MISS OUT on breaking your bookie early on Saturday

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Game Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Las Vegas Traders Gold Standard CBB Play Of The Day

If you need one winner today... this is your game. Let's do this!

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Game Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Las Vegas Traders Gold Standard Epl Play Of The Day

YOUR bookie will not like that you will be firing away on this PLAY. Get it today and CASH this WINNER on Saturday with EASE!

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Game Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Lv Traders College Basketball Big Game Hunter

Arizona at UCLA is one of the biggest games of the day in college hoops. Watch the game and get on the right side. Play smart!

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$15 USD

Game Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

Late Show California Cruisin 3 Teams For One Low Price

Close the day on the right side. This 3-team package gives you three sides from the Golden State that all tip late in the day. Double-up on your early win or save the day by WINNING LATE!

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Game Date: Saturday, January 21, 2017

AFC Championship Sunday! NFL Gold Standard.

JUMP on this NFL GOLD Standard play for SUNDAY!! We CASHED Packers +5 & Steelers 1st Q Over 7.5 last weekend! Don't MISS out on another WINNER!! End YOUR WEEKEND with a DEPOSIT to YOUR wallet!

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Game Date: Sunday, January 22, 2017



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NFL Postseason

Get all our plays for the Divisional, Conference rounds & also our plays for SUPER BOWL 51!!

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England Premier League Season

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This is Easily our BEST VALUE for the HOOPS lover!! Get all our NBA & CBB plays. You get ALL Gold, Silver, Bronze plays we make!! We've go the action for YOU on the Hardwood!! Come and EXPERIENCE the INSTANT SUCCESS with US!


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We Trade We’re a team of Las Vegas based in-game traders. Nobody watches the games closer than us. At all times, we are responsible for putting the proper number on a given game. Our job requires us to use a combination of knowledge and intuition to breakdown each game. We’re not just watching the games; we’re evaluating the current situation and anticipating the next move.

We Study When we’re not trading games, we’re constantly watching the markets, evaluating data, and searching for the next potential bet. Each of us has a slightly different process of breaking down the information but we combine our knowledge to produce the best possible selections. We pride ourselves on having the best information and processing it for the best results.

We Bet Sports betting is our career and lifestyle. We spend countless hours researching and selecting winners; consequently, we bet every pick we release. The game never ends; it’s always about finding the next winner and seeking maximum value in the next possible situation.

We Win It’s about winning. We all love sports and enjoy the entertainment value but once you invest money; it’s all about being on the right side of the bet. Winning the next game is always our goal and we hope to have you on board. For out latest results, check out the graph below.

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Sunday Jan 22, 12:05 PM
(311) Green Bay Packers
(312) Atlanta Falcons

Two of the Top scoring teams square off for the NFC Championship on Sunday. Rodgers is playing out of his mind, like you don't already know. Ryan is showing flashes of the "Ice" he has been known for. Both these QBs are MVP finalists, and have 78TDs between the two of them. Kyle Shanahan will be running the offense still, as he's committed to finishing out the postseason with the Falcons. Each team runs around 60 plays a game, which translate into about 6 yd per play #1 & #2 overall. These teams didn't get this far on defense, it's been all offense and just flat out scoring the opponent. Defensively each team allows 367 Yds of offense that's #22 & #23. Atlanta has a 9-0 Over record at home, while the Pack bring a 7-2 Over record on the road. Last team with the ball wins this one and lives up to the hype. Play Over the Total.

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(200041) CHELSEA
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(200050) BURNLEY FC
01/14/17 7:00:AM
(200069) STOKE CITY
(200070) SUNDERLAND : Over

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