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7 Day All Access - Winners Enclosure

I rarely post daily packages, I want my plays to be exclusive to the serious punter. I don't post "Game of the Year" crap, I win win win. For 7 days of winners this is tremendous value for long term profit. You can follow whoever you choose that is your prerogative. You can choose a 65% success Handicapper who sells you -200 Money Lines and ultimately you win NOTHING. Or you follow a compiler of odds and actually win.

You will NEVER be given a short priced money line.

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Monthly All Access - More Winners And Cheaper Than Anyone

The Package for the LONG term investor and those who know it is a marathon not a sprint to the winning line.

Back to Back years the #1 Tipster on SOCCER, Back to Back years the #1 Tipster on NCAA Football and 2017 #1 NBA with OVER 300 CHICKEN DINNERS

Past two years recorded data and profit, I show the GOOD and the BAD months as I personally punt all my own plays.


Capper Biography

Based in Las Vegas, A former sportsbook director and without doubt the most coveted American Sports trader in the world. My experience covers making GLOBAL sportsbooks double digit margin, Followed by syndicates trading high volume markets world wide. I do what the compilers and the bettors do not do! Uncover every single angle available. This is all my own work and this is why I am the undisputed king of derivative markets. I am not a "capper" or a follower of others outputs, I am an expert in my field.

My advice when followed correctly will not only help you learn the better methods of sports trading but avoid the pitfalls many novice’s make when betting on sports. My data is so sharp many of my clients include “Handicappers” who use my data to improve their own understandings and plagiarize them as their own.

I am a professional compiler of odds not a "handicapper", I do not bet or advise lines that are not available to the general market, I release plays only when all the data is available, not copy and pasted from readily available statistical sites. All of my moves include specific staking plans to suit all bankrolls when staked correctly.


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